5 places to elope in europe

okay, brides. I know that planning a wedding is so so stressful so sometimes you decide just to throw your plans out the window and focus on what matters–you two. the thought of planning an elaborate, expensive wedding is a little daunting and stressful. and that is definitely something brides are willing to plan and work through for the day they’ve always dreamed of.


sometimes brides just want to forget all of that and do what makes their hearts happy. sometimes they just can’t imagine planning all of the hoopla and just want to do something amazing for the two of them.

whatever type of bride you are, you do you, boo. figure out what your dream is, make sure you and your partner agree on the dream you can accomplish, and just do it.

I’m going to share a bunch of info for the bride planning a big wedding (hi. I planned a big wedding. that was fun!)

this blog is for the lowkey-adventurous-chill-do your own thing bride.

this blog post is the first of many to help guide you in planning the elopement of your dreams.

elopements give you such a beautiful freedom for your wedding and can be carried out in several ways. you can either plan out an elopement and just have you two, an officiant, and whatever vendors you need for that day.
you can plan a lowkey, intimate elopement that include the most special people in your life.

don’t think your elopement has to be somewhere considered as an adventurous destination just to make it epic. you can find epic locations in your backyard, promise. your photographer will play a HUGE role in elopements and I’ll get into that a bit later, but if you need location recommendations, your photographer is the best place to start if you have no idea.

if you live in europe or have always had a dream of eloping somewhere in europe, you will have an amazing list of locations to choose from. like, a ridiculously crazy amount of beautiful places to pick. and I’m here to tell you some of the most beautiful locations you can elope.

lake como, italy

if you’re wanting a beautiful elopement in the northwest mountains of Italy, Lake Como may just be the place you need. it is legit the most beautiful location I’ve ever been. there are so many incredible cities all along the lake (the lake is HUGEEEE!) to pick from and while Lake Como is pretty popular, the cities are relatively lowkey. Bellagio, Italy may be the most beautiful. driving up there made me just imagine hopping in a car with a bride+groom and exploring some of the most romantic places ever.

interlaken, switzerland

alright this one is just so swoon worthy. you may see some of the romantic, unreal videos/pictures from switzerland that legit just look fake. this is one of those places. imagine renting a boat, and spending the day after saying your vows out on the lake winter, spring, summer, or fall. it’ll be beautiful any time of the year, I promise.

garmisch, germany

OKAY. so I feel like germany gets forgotten in “epic places in europe.” but let that thinking stop right now. do yourself a favor and look up the beautiful mountains and landscape in garmisch. WOW WOW WOW. my friend just recently went and the whole area just has major lowkey, romantic elopement vibes. take your breath away, romantic. Germany is so ridiculously green and their autumn season is crazy beautiful so if you’re wanting something super lowkey but still beautiful, garmisch may be the place for you two to elope.

tromso, norway

honestly, anywhere in norway is beautiful but this location could be extra beautiful because you’ll probably get to see some northern lights at some point of your trip which would be epicccccc. just think of eloping in the Fjords of Tromso in the middle of the mountains. you can be completely alone and have the most intimate, whimsical elopement in NORWAY. what?! I feel like most people I know have never heard of or know of tromso. if you haven’t, look it up and see what I’m talking about. DREAMY.

greece. literally anywhere in greece.

okay, everyone knows that greece has allll the hype and honestly, just looking at pictures–greece hands down deserves the hype. greece is iconic, beautiful, romantic, and can definitely set the tone for your elopement without too much work from you. when I think of a greek island elopement, I immediately think of romance. so much romance. the water, the architecture, the views, the ambiance…it’s all perfect.

even if you decide not to elope at any of these places, your elopement anywhere in the world will still be beautiful because it’s where you and the love of your life will make promises to each other that will last a lifetime. wherever you elope, that location will mean the world to you because it’s where you start the beginning of your lives together. europe would just be a fun adventure. 😉

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