big sur, california

I met Kaitlyn in the fall of 2016 my sophomore year of college in Pensacola, FL. she was the last roommate to walk in and I was lowkey worried she was weird. months later, we were pretty inseparable and fast forward to may 2019, we took our 2nd girls trip together to Big Sur.

once Kaitlyn got back from college this past may we planned a very spontaneous, impromptu trip to Big Sur and it was the craziest, best trip ever. I hopped into the car with my pups and we drove up to pick her up and then we were on our way up north.

since neither of us had been to Big Sur, we decided to stop at every single place that intrigued us. we stopped at the beach in San Luis Obispo and had the best dinner that night and kept driving up.

we made it into Los Padres National Park right at sunset and that’s when things got a little weird. We got slightly lost on the drive up and had to stop in the national park and spent the night there instead of out of the park. we had 0 cell service but it truly made for the best memories.

just a handful of hours later, we were up with the sunrise and drove into Pfiefer beach and started exploring there. unfortunately, there was so much fog that after the beach, it was pretty impossible to see anything over the edge of the mountains. we still had the best time, jamming out in the car, hanging with the pups, taking pictures wherever we stopped, had an amazing lunch and were back home by the end of the night. if you’ve never spent the day in the Big Sur area, I highly recommend it.


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