brandon + nadia

Brandon + Nadia celebrated 7 years of being together. 5 years married, 7 years together. they’re traveling all over Europe with their super cute little girl and I guarantee you 7 years ago, they never expected to be here in Germany. These two balance each other out so well. I got to see Brandon + Nadia just relax and enjoy loving on each other during the session and that’s what I love.

In-home sessions are some of the most intimate, cozy sessions. I love them and this session was no exception. This airbnb was perfect for their in-home session and wow wow wow I’m so proud of these images. I love when friends let me capture their love story. They let me photograph them with their human. Your most favorite person and you. Laughing, cuddling, every second of your couple’s session is just for you two to get into your bubble and focus on each other. Your session should feel like a date and I’m just 3rd wheeling and wow in home sessions are perfect for that. 

Jessica came in to do the makeup for Nadia and it was the perfect touch to bring this entire session together. I love getting to work with Jess. I say it every time and I’ll keep saying it.


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