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This past spring (May 2019) I headed from California back to my hometown in Illinois for a family wedding and to see my family before I moved to Germany. I was so excited to see my family since I hadn’t seen them all since Christmas!

Breana got engaged in December 2018 and married May 2019 so thankfully, I had the best model right before her wedding.

bridal may be my favorite process of wedding images. and the amazing thing about bridal portraits is that you can capture them at any point of the wedding process–months, weeks, or days before your weddings and even after your wedding.

we had the incredible opportunity to shoot the bridals at The Wagner House and it was the absolute perfect venue for some modern, chic bridal portraits.

we were able to having a stunning bouquet put together by myself and another photographer which gave the shoot a perfect touch.

brides, these portraits are perfect to put in a booklet for your future husband. they’re perfect to make sure you get the appropriate amount of time and the images you want for your wedding day. Sometimes the wedding day can be so stressful, things get hectic, schedules get behind, and the first thing that suffers is picture time.

that doesn’t need to happen, though! take the time to schedule a bridal session with your photographer. schedule your makeup trial and hair trial on the same day as your bridals so that you look fantastic, you get to see all the details together, and see yourself for the first time with everything put together looking like a beautiful bride.

VENUE: The Wagner House \ Freeport, Illinois
GOWN: Essence of Australia \ Julie’s Bridal Shop
FLORALS: Trader Joe’s


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