brides: how to choose a wedding photographer

for brides: how to choose a wedding photographer.

Listen, I KNOW it can be overwhelming and stressful to pick a photographer for your big day but it’s one of the most important decisions. So you’re engaged. now what? There are 5 things you need to do after you get engaged and you need to pick a photographer. Whether you’re eloping, having an intimate wedding, or a huge wedding celebration, your photographer needs to be the perfect person for your wedding. Not all photographers specialize in the same type of weddings. Not all photographers have the same pricing. not all photographers travel or have availability. This is allll about how to choose a wedding photographer. Because not every photographer is right for you.

let me repeat that most important factor. not every photographer is right for you.

Okay, so now you have an idea of when you want to get married, where you wanna get married, and how you wanna get married. You need to start researching photographers who fit your criteria if you don’t already know who you want. wanna know how to choose a wedding photographer? this is what you need to look for.

they’re just as excited about your day as you are.

Let’s say your photographer hasn’t responded to your e-mail. Just take it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. it sucks, but it’s probably for the best. If your photographer responds and is super excited about your e-mail & your love story, then that’s a good sign. You want them to be excited about your day. You want them to love their job and love serving you in all the best ways.

they educate you and help with plans.

Not all photographers specialize in big, high-end weddings. Some don’t specialize in elopements while some don’t specialize in intimate 25-50 people wedding. Maybe some don’t travel. Certain photographers don’t *fill in whatever is special about your wedding.* Some photographers aren’t going to be perfect for your specific wedding and that’s okay. You need to find a photographer who will help you with planning that intimate, adventurous elopement. Or a photographer who knows how to create a timeline for a huge big weekend celebration for 300 people. Not ever photographer meets the same criteria and that’s okay. you don’t want that. You want a photographer who will help you with what YOU need. I’m all about the intimate, adventurous elopements and weddings so when it comes to things concerning those, I can confidently guide you with those certain things.

they know people.

if your photographer can connect you with vendors who will only make your day better, that’s amazing. I love offering my elopement clients with hair, makeup, florals, cake, and the absolute best location. Giving my clients the chance to connect with vendors who are amazing & will bring my bride’s vision of her day to life is something I love.

their portfolio and style are what you love

Just like not every photographer photographs the same type of weddings, every photographer has a different style. Look through their social media. look through their portfolio. do their images speak to you? do their images make you feel emotions & the genuine happiness from the wedding days they’ve captured? There are so many different types of editing styles. Go through their portfolio and see if you can imagine your wedding images looking like this. Do their images reflect what’s important to you? When in doubt, contact that photographer and ask them to see more images from a wedding day. Look through their blogs. If you love their work, contact them.

they “get you”

this may be one of the most important factors when choosing a photographer. When I was searching for a wedding photographer, I had to know they would help my day come to life. I love doing that for my brides. you need to feel comfortable with your photographer. You need to feel right with them. If you feel like they can’t make your dreams of wedding images come true, then find the photographer who will. If you can’t imagine yourself friends with your photographer, maybe they’re not the right fit. Your photographer needs to click with you.

it’s stressful and overwhelming picking your photographer for your wedding. Once you do, you will feel like all is right in the world. Your photographer is a HUGE vendor to check off your list but when you do, you’ll be happy. Enjoy the process with the photographer absolutely right for you. I hope these tips are helpful for brides: how to choose a wedding photographer.

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