Getaway Guide: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

okay, so for my birthday, Alex took me to Spain and it was such a good trip. our main goal was to relax. we didn’t have much planned except one excursion and it was sooo worth it. I’m starting to think that winging a trip is the only way to “plan” a trip. I’ll put in some pictures, some restaurants we went to, and what we did on this beautiful island. So if you’re ever trying to take a short trip to Spain, then here’s your getaway guide to Palma de Mallorca, Spain!

If you’ve ever flown in Europe or the UK, you’ve definitely heard of Ryan Air. Good and bad. We’ve heard some bad things but our experiences with Ryan Air have been fantastic so far. so we found some inexpensive plane tickets from Stuttgart to Mallorca for a few days and just kinda winged our entire plan.

we flew into Mallorca and since we wanted to adventure all over the island, we rented a car. it was about 200euro for 5 days. our air bnb was close to the airport (20 min) so that we could easily drive to the airport without any issues when we flew back home. we hit up Mercat 1930 by the pier and this place was legit. they had like 8 different cuisines that were all fantastic and affordable. it was the perfect place to try a little of everything they offered and still getting FANTASTIC food. the ambiance outside was so nice and it was the most perfect night to sit outside and enjoy drinks and dinner.

we headed out to Cala San Vicent to explore the north eastern side of the island and wow the drive alone was stunning. it was full of mountains until all I could see was ocean. before our hourish drive over to the other side of the island, we stopped at the only place open for lunch. you need to realize that everyone in spain eats later than the rest of the world lololol

they eat breakfast until like 9. then they have lunch from 1 until 3ish. then dinner from like 730 until 10pm. we were definitely not used to eating so late for lunch so we were scrambling to find a place open for lunch. it was lowkey sketchy and sorta a hole-in-the-wall but WOW IT WAS SO GOOD. I can’t even find it on the maps–that’s how hole-in-the-wall it is.

we stopped to have lunch at the nicest rooftop restaurant in the area and then headed down to the coves. the views we had during our weirdly timed 2nd lunch were AMAZING.

guys. this restaurant is no joke. allllll tapas and all the beverages you could think of. also, I’m pretty sure that my husband ate all the seafood he could handle.

the water on the entire island was crystal clear everywhere. it was the perfect time to go to Mallorca because there weren’t a ton of tourists and it was a lot more chill than it would be in the summer or late spring.

another day on our trip in Mallorca we took a catamaran ride out for about 5.5hrs. they picked us up at a pier and took us around the island, to caves, ported at another city for a bit, fed us paella, pasta and garden salads, let us jump off the catamaran into the ocean/coves and then took us back to where we started. this was by far the best experience I’ve had since being in Europe. it was such a fun excursion and we paid until 100euro all together for the whole day. that’s LESS THAN 50euro pp. I couldn’t believe it.

my main goal for this trip was relaxation and we definitely got it. it was the perfect trip to recharge and just not make any type of plans but to just wander and enjoy our vacation. if you ever head out to Mallorca, I definitely recommend doing/going to any of these things/places. we did so much chilling but my most favorite highlights are in this blog post.

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