gonzalez + soldin wedding celebration | Chicago, Illinois

Okay so before you read anything, I need to clarify. Today’s blog post contains 2 couples who eloped and had a reception together.

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to be a part. TWO sisters eloped on the same day. and both couples decided to celebrate with their families on the same. day.

I love that. so 3 families were at the reception celebrating the two couples and it was so fun.

amber + jeff

These two have been together for a while and while I didn’t meet Jeff early on, I’ve known Amber for maybe like 8 years or so. Amber just so happens to be my best friend’s oldest sister. They have the absolutely cutest family and seeing them all together is legit so precious. \

emily + brandom

emily and brandom have been in my life for FOREVER. I’ve known Brandom for Y E A R S. like, since I was in elementary. our grandpas are even cousins. we went to school together most of elementary, all of MS & HS, and college. back in 2009, Emily came to our tiny school in 8th grade and after 10 years, we are still friends. I truly love this girl and see her like the sister I never had. when I found out she was engaged I was so sad I would be moving to Germany before her wedding. this meant that it would basically be impossible to be there for her wedding. Emily was my maid of honor, and helped me get through the struggles of long distance while Alex was deployed and stationed on the other side of the country. she’s one of my favorite people.

the couples decided on a date and then they fast paced their plans. emily and I talked and decided that I would celebrate with them and photograph the day for them. this worked out perfectly.

we spent the morning/afternoon at the salon for hair and makeup tben got ready at amber’s house. After, headed to the venue for family portraits and couples portraits. and then celebrated the night away.

HMU: RdArtistry
Venue: Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club

d e t a i l s

family + friends

amber + jeff

emily + brandom

r e c e p t i o n

congrats, you four!! I’m so glad I could be there to document your day.

  1. T. Kay Springer says:

    What a beautiful job you did. I’m living in Texas so seeing something like this was very special. My son has been friends with Jeff since they were in grade school. Seeing the family and friends having so much fun is great. The idea that combining something like this would work might surprise most people. It makes me happy to see it worked so well. Great job! Congrats to both couples.

    • Anna Lane says:

      Thank you!!! It was so fun to see the two couples enjoying themselves and able to share such a fun night! It was a beautiful mix of 3 families celebrating love.


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