Lake Constance Day Trip

For our first weekend in Germany with a car, we decided to take a day trip down to Lake Constance (Konstanz). This lake is surrounded by Germany (north), Austria (east), and Switzerland (south and west).

WOW. I was speechless all day long because it was one of the most beautiful locations I’d ever been to in my life.

the architecture, the landscape, the restaurants, the statues, the lighthouse…it was all amazing.

we started the day at the lighthouse and then as we kept walking, found the little “city” area where we were able to walk down alleys and into the city area.

for lunch we stopped and had the most delicious icecream and drinks. it was 90 degrees all day so icecream seemed like the only option for lunch. right?!

we ended the day with a fountain that the dogs were able to hop into for a bit to cool down and then headed home for the day. we were exhausted, sun burnt, and ready to chill out at the hotel.


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