meadow elopement – stuttgart, germany

Myself, Nadia, and Brandon headed out to the most wild flower meadow I’d ever seen and I fell in love with the location the moment we arrived. It was clear skies that day UNTIL we were headed to the meadow. It was still sunny but it was raining and I was so worried that we’d have to change dates for the session because of the weather. THANK GOODNESS that did not happen because this flower meadow elopement was happening.

We arrived and waited about 10 minutes while it continue to rain. I finally just told them, let’s do it and maybe 2 minutes later, the rain stopped. We got a DREAMY golden hour and once it cooled down from the rain, this fog started rolling in and wow, it was WILD. The fog totally changed the initial vibes of the meadow but I was so excited.

Nadia didn’t wear the cliche white dress for this elopement session. Instead, this beautiful burgundy gown made such a statement for her and looked fantastic with Brandon’s blue suit. Jessica B. did Nadia’s hair and makeup and clearly created absolute magic with both. Nadia kept her hair natural and had Jess throw in a few pieces of eucalyptus that completed the look.

This wild flower meadow elopement truly blew my mind. Brandon + Nadia were the dreamiest, in-love couple. They just naturally complemented each other during the session. Halfway through the session, these two popped open some bottles of champagne which was so fun and something Nadia really loved.

We jammed out to Nadia’s playlist, had some champagne, kept freaking out about the fog rolling in, and then grabbed McDonalds after the session.

If you wanna go out to the middle of a meadow with your sweetheart and say some sweet things to each other in some fancy clothes, do it. Don’t let not having a white dress stop you. Don’t let the weather stop you. Get your makeup done because honestly, it’ll make you feel like a QUEEN. Wear something that you feel amazing in. Wear a special piece of jewelry that means something to you. Dance to your favorite song. Do what makes you happy when it comes to your elopement or vow renewal.


Hair and Makeup: Jessica Boatright
Dress: AzazieĀ 
Flowers: Me (I can get pretty crafty for my clients!)



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