ryan + breana | san diego adventure session

in May I flew back to Illinois for my cousin Breana and Ryan’s wedding. She married the love of her life on May 18, 2019 and it was such a fun and beautiful wedding. Breana had ZERO idea what they were doing for her honeymoon since Ryan kept it all a surprise. Before the reception was over, Ryan told me that he was taking Breana on an amazing adventure all through California.

fast forward to 10ish days later, they were in San Diego and I drove out to meet up with them for a quick adventure session to document their honeymoon in California.

breana + ryan met forever ago in school. they eventually became friends and that was it. we (my cousins and I) all started to think maybe Breana and Ryan were a thing and soon enough they started dating.

after a few years of dating, breana’s nursing school graduation, and her starting a job at a hospital, they got engaged and just 6 months later–married.

these two are pretty perfect for each other. Ryan takes her camping. That is something I never would’ve believed. ever. He puts up with all our craziness in the family which I’m genuinely impressed with. Because it’s not easy to be a part of our family sometimes.

But, they did got lost on their way to the session which resulted in them being super late but I still captured some amazing images.

I’m so glad I was able to see my cousin one last time before I moved. Congratulations you two. It was one of the best nights of the year. I stood away from the dance floor just speechless at how much I love my family.

AND hopefully, next time they visit where I live, I’ll get to capture some images for them in Europe.


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