strasbourg, france christmas market

when I found out the strasbourg christmas market was opening a whole weekend earlier than most of the other places, I knew we had to make it our first christmas market. this christmas market exceeded allllll expectations. first off, it’s THE strasbourg, france christmas market. second off, it was stunning, the stalls all had such amazing things to offer, the food and drinks hit the spot to complete the entire experience.

we wanted to avoid the rush of the mid-day crowd so we left stuttgart at 830am and got to the market by 1030am(ish). there weren’t too many people around yet and most of the stalls were still in the process of opening up. we wandered for about 3 hours stopping for whatever we wanted to, getting snacks, pastries, gluwein, food, waffles, crepes, more waffles, and more gluwein. it was literally the best day with friends.

the holiday season is hard when you’re not near family and you can’t do the normal traditions with them, but it is so sweet making so many new memories with friends who have become family.

if you ever get the chance to go to *ANY* christmas market, do it. I highly recommend going to strasbourg, france for the christmas market. just be ready for more of my blog posts reviewing all the other markets we visit.

if you’re interested in my other guides for my trips/travels in Europe, head over to my most recent travel guide to Mallorca, Spain. I’ll be traveling all over Europe and the UK 2020 so more and more travel guides will be coming out. plus other christmas market reviews to come!!!


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