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Jul 19, 2020

meadow elopement – stuttgart, germany

Myself, Nadia, and Brandon headed out to the most wild flower meadow I’d ever seen and I fell in love with the location the moment we arrived. It was clear skies that day UNTIL we were headed to the meadow. It was still sunny but it was raining and I was so worried that we’d […]

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Alright, so I know everyone knows I love house plants. I constantly (not really constantly. but very often) get asked for some input when someone is looking to add some house plants to their home or office. People normally ask “What’s the easiest plant to take care of?” “Which one won’t die on me?” “Why do they keep dying?” “Are plants safe for my cat or dog to eat?” among several other questions. I am here to answer all (not all) your questions!


May 9, 2020

The House Plant Guide to Happiness