the best of 2019

okay, so 2019 has been a huge year of growth for me. so many incredible things happened for my business that have helped me become a better photographer & I am so thankful for it all. I’m so excited to look back on it all and prepare for 2020. I had the absolute most amazing clients–clients who became friends, who came back multiple times for different times in life (which is SUCH A COMPLIMENT!). My clients have for sure made this year amazing and for that, I’m so thankful. this is about to be a lengthy blog post, so be ready.

I started 2019 with planning a spectacular styled shoot on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California. Here I met one of the bestest friends from this shoot and I’m so thankful. I got to meet the most amazing vendors through this shoot. This was the first creative shoot I got to pick every single detail and make a dream of mine come to live.

florist: Flowers by Kendra
dress: Archive Bridal
tux: Friar Tux
rentals: Dapper Vintage Rentals
calligraphy: TSE Calligraphy
invitation: The Paper Creation
hair piece: Epanoui Grace
hair: The I Do Updo
makeup: Chelsea Rose Beauty
cake: Desserts with Grace

on top of planning a dream elopement in San Diego, I joined The Heart University to further my education in photography. This course gave me so much helpful information and I swear by it. So much information, helpful resources from two photographers who give you alllll the best tips and resources to help you build your business in the direction you want it to go. I’ve grown SO much with the help from this course.

in February I got to meet Taylor and Jamir for my first in home session and I fell. in. love. I absolutely loooooove in home sessions. they’re so cozy and romantic and by far the most chill sessions ever. these two just recently brought home their most precious baby and I love getting to follow their beautiful story.

photographing a couple in Balboa Park was on my bucket list for San Diego and I finally got to do this with Sarah and Kyle. their Balboa Park shoot was so dreamy and just what I wanted to create for them.

capturing Adalit & Sean in San Diego was the best. these two met up with me and just let me direct and guide them to create of the most “California” sessions ever. the mountains, the sunset, the trails at Mission Trails Park. it was perfect with the spring blooms.

April was a favorite month because of these two. Lauren and Pablo flew in from Ohio to elope in California & then ended their big day with a beautiful session on the beach while I 2nd shot for my amazingly talented friend, Mitch. so much love that night.

May and June were BUSY. All of May was packing, sending out all our household goods to Germany and visiting family before going to Germany. Then June came around and I had 2 weeks left in California before uprooting my whole life and flying to Germany. it was scary, exciting, and so crazy. While I was back home I got to photograph my cousin’s bridal portraits before her wedding. she was stunning and this shoot was so fun getting to meet some The Heart University students. then in June I got to photograph this sweet couple for a maternity session and wow I found a new love for maternity photography I never knew existed.

my very last session in California was with this sweet vendor turned friend. It was the perfect ending to my time in California but I know that I’ll be back one way or another.

June through August was insane adjusting to living in Europe, adjusting to a completely new life but I (we) managed. I was dying to start photographing couples but I am so glad that I was able to just adjust before jumping back into photography.

September started off with me flying back to the states for my best friend’s wedding celebration. I got to capture the whole night and it was so amazing getting to do that for her. she and her sister both celebrated their marriages to their husbands so double the love and double the happiness.

I officially photographed my first couple in Germany late September and this day solidified all my excitement for photographing couples in Europe. These two were the perfect first session in Germany and from there, it just got CRAZY.

I photographed so many beautiful people September, October, November, and December. I was the busiest I’ve ever been in my entire time as a photographer and I loved every second.

October was yet another styled shoot that I worked on with Jessica Boatright for the best halloween shoot ever. Jess is a magician with the makeup. My friends are stunning and were troopers having all that makeup on. This shoot made me so happy.

My friends D&W let me capture them in November before their sweet baby boy made an entrance into the world. The best part of the session was Hunter & Hera (basset hound and husky). I LOVE when clients bring their pups to the session. Then I got to capture sweet Johanna for the 2nd time for her maternity session. A week later I got to photograph her sweet baby boy within 2 days from his entrance into the world.

November ended with these two. Tim & Sarah. Wow this session was so good for my soul. These two so effortlessly looked fantastic in front of the camera.

I finished off 2019 with some shoots at the Stuttgart Christmas markets then at a Christmas tree lot in Vaihingen. In between allll these shoot, my husband and I have traveled to Italy, Spain, and France. I hit up as many Christmas markets as humanly possible in between a part time job and sessions.

it has been by far the most trying, stretching, amazing year of my life. Living in Europe is not easy at times but it has been an incredible experience so far (6 months in). I know that the next 2.5 years will be just as incredible.

I hope you all have a happy new year.


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