The House Plant Guide to Happiness

It’s true. This is the house plant guide to happiness. I’m beyond excited to share some of my plant knowledge with anyone wanting to start (or add to) a collection of house plants. I know everyone knows I love house plants. I constantly (not really constantly. but very often) get asked for some input when someone is looking to add some house plants to their home or office. People normally ask “What’s the easiest plant to take care of?” “Which one won’t die on me?” “Why do they keep dying?” “Are plants safe for my cat or dog to eat?” among several other questions.

I know that not everyone has a green thumb & I know that not everyone has experience with plants so I’m gonna start with some basic plants. Their common name, simple care instructions, ideal environments, light/sun/shade, and whatever else I think might be useful to someone looking to add some plants to their home or office! Everyone is looking for different plants and for different locations. I have 3 “categories” (hard to kill, air purifying, and pet friendly) to help you narrow down which plants you might want to consider. So here’s the official House Plant Guide to Happiness (only because plants bring me happiness. Don’t feel pressured to be happy with your plants).

aloe vera

+ air purifying
+ likes bright light
+ thorough but not often waterings (they can drown)
+ I put mine on a window sill and let it get full sun for about 5-6 hours a day.
+ watering: infrequent but thorough. When you water your aloe plant, water until the water runs through


+ can survive in low and bright lighting
+ so many different varieties
+ watering: treat it like a succulent. I water once every 2 weeks during the spring/summer — the key is to let it dry out before watering
+ easy to propagate
+ purifying plant
+ hard to kill plant
+ considered toxic to pets (can irritate the tummy)

snake plants

+ air purifying
+ hard to kill plants
+ slow growers
+ mix succulent and houseplant soil
+ these do well in low light rooms and bright sunlight

zz plant

+ hard to kill
+ can go up to 4 weeks without being watered
+ very toxic to pups
+ avoid direct sunlight
+ likes to be rootbound


+ water (about) once a week
+ light is super important. indirect bright sunlight is best.
+ they occasionally bloom. so if you can get a bloomer, yay!
+ likes some humidity
+ they like being root bound

spider plant

air purifying
+ well draining soil
+ indirect bright light
+ they have little baby spider plants grow from the main plant

nerve plant

+ mist every once in a while
+ so colorful and dramatic
+ let the soil dry out between waterings
+ too much sun will sunburn the leaves

monstera adonasaii

+ bright indirect light
+ sunburns easily if in direct sunlight
+ it likes to be about 75% dried out before being watered again
+ peat-based potting soil is ideal

Pet-Friendly Plants

Okay, I know not every single plant is safe for pups. so here is a list of several pet-friendly house plants!
+ spider plant
+ air plants
+ lipstick plant
+ parlor palm
+ polka dot plant
+ calathea (or prayer plant)

A few great reminders for plant care:

+ Stick your finger in the soil about 1″-1.5″ deep. If it’s dry, it’s probably time to water it.
+ leaves can be sunburnt
+ not all houseplants need (or can survive) fertilizer
+ not every houseplant needs the same soil
+ some plants hate tap water
+ a humidifier is a great solution for plants that need more humidity than your home can offer

  1. Abbie Gomez says:

    Awesome!! Thank you for the info, I’ve been wondering about plants lately.
    Your collection is beautiful!


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