travel getaway guide: milan, italy

Planning a trip to Italy? Here’s the perfect travel getaway guide to Milan, Italy.

Italy is amazing. Europe is amazing. Traveling isn’t as glamorous as some think, but wow was this trip SO WORTH IT. since traveling to Italy, I decided I needed to write up a getaway guide for Milan, Italy. this getaway guide will give you an idea on how to cram all the Milan essentials in 1 day.

I kept stopping to just enjoy how beautiful the city was and how close we were to everything. I loved seeing all the beautiful homes all colorful and so close to each other. It reminded me of Mexico where my family is from and wow I loved it.
We spent a total of 3 days in Italy (Sat-Monday). At first we were super worried that we would have to cram so much in such a short amount of time.

Thankfully, everything major in Milan was legit 10 MINUTES from our Air BnB. we knocked out all the best parts of Milan in one day. Teatro Escala, Duomo, all the shops in the center of Milan, a few restaurants–it was perfect.

these next few images are from the outside of our Air BnB balcony & building. we were in LOVE.

Here’s the link for our Air Bnb. Gianluca was so fantastic and he told us all about the important things we needed to see on day 1.


wow, this restaurant was incredible. we got to taste some amazing carpaccio which is a super delicious appetizer and I highly recommend. Just order it. They served the best wine, had such a fun menu, and we had some bomb food.

this restaurant is less than 5 minutes from the Air Bnb so YAY. super convenient, delicious, and fun. plus, the place felt cozy, modern, and had such a great vibe.


extra info:

Now, for this trip, we rented a super small car from Enterprise. We were considering not to rent because public transportation in Europe is so cheap and easy to get around but we knew we wanted to drive up to Como/Bellagio our second day so our train ride would be a little expensive. So we rented a car and mostly just used it to get to our Air Bnb, to Bellagio (day 2) and then back to the airport in Bergamo on day 3. The bright side of car rentals in Europe–cars are so cheap to rent. I’m talking 15 euro a day. SO. CHEAP. So it was worth it for us to rent something to help us drive an hour from the airport to the Airbnb, to Bellagio (another hour) and then back to the airport the last day.

most of the restaurants have english menus in addition to their italian menus. This helps make things a smidge easier when ordering food and picking out drinks so don’t worry about that.

part I of our milan trip covers all of the center of Milan and where we went that day. We spent day 2 in Como/Bellagio, Italy and then the 3rd day in Bergamo, Italy. Keep an eye out for some more Italy posts!


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